The US Leading The World In Coronavirus Deaths

The US Leading The World In Coronavirus Deaths

Before the US coronavirus outbreak, many Americans did not think that the effects would be as devastating or quick to shake the nation to its core.

For some, COVID-19 was something far away and distant. It was a problem for other countries, but not for the US. And if it did come to the US, it wouldn’t be as bad as the news made it out to be.

But then, when the first coronavirus-related deaths occurred in Kirkland Washington in late February, that nonchalance suddenly changed. Many were taken aback at how fast it spread and reached their state. By mid-March, the virus was in every state. 

Suddenly, COVID-19 and its rippling repercussions were very real things that Americans were facing.

Now, in mid-April, the US has surpassed the rest of the world in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. 

Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center collected data revealing that as of Sunday morning, over 260,000 Americans had died. Italy, which previously held the spot for the highest number of deaths, has lost 19,500 to the virus.

The report comes even as more areas throughout the country are seeing a surge in COVID-19 patients. 

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, stated in early April, expressing that in addition to New York, Louisiana, and Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC was also climbing.

Factors Contributing To High US Death Rate

Since the start of the outbreak, US leadership has consistently grappled with the absence of a coordinated response from different levels of authority. 

Additionally, state officials are left mainly on their own to decide whether or not to issue stay-at-home orders. The rules can vary from state to state, and some have yet to enact these policies.  

Initially, federal officials said that social distancing guidelines would only last until the middle of March. When the date for the lifting of these measures passed, some governors did not renew calls to follow them.

Some states with restrictions on public gathers have given churches special exemptions, a decision many people have widely debated as Easter and Passover approach.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the pandemic is highlighting the racial disparity in the country’s health care system. In New York City, more Latinos than any other group are dying from the coronavirus.

One of the last contributing factors to the US’s alarming death rate is the ongoing fight for much-needed medical equipment in places that are the most in need. 

A report from NPR revealed that the Trump administration’s public-private partnership with several well-connected companies has a considerable influence on supply distribution.

Although Congress passed the CARES Act in March — a $2 trillion stimulus package for small businesses, corporations, and citizens — and several other bills, it still hasn’t been enough to help struggling states.

On Saturday, the National Governors Association urged Congress to pass another $500 billion in direct financial support for states. However, Democrats and Republicans continue to argue over the amount and scale of yet another crisis package.


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