What to Do During a Stay At Home Order

What to Do During a Stay At Home Order

If you are anything like most people in the United States right now, you are probably lying around all day wondering what to do with all that time that you have to fill. In a way, it is ironic. All many people wished for over all these years is to just have a little more time. Whether it was to pursue hobbies, sleep in or just have some time that is not already planned out during the week, time was all that seemed to be missing from everyone’s lives. Well, someone must have wished more time on a cursed monkey’s claw, because now, time is all you got.

Just that too many it now seems that there is nothing to do with all of that time – mainly because you are probably not allowed to (or should not) go out to combat the spread of COVID-19. But maybe it is also because the contrast is gone. Before, coming back home from a long day’s work kind of felt good and made all your off-time activities seem so much better. Now that there is only off time, finding something to do that not just fills the time but also feels meaningful can be a challenge. So, this is why there is this article to help you out. Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration on What to Do During a Stay At Home Order!

1. Get in touch with your creative side.  Now is the time to skip the silly excuses and just try out some creative stuff. Draw, craft, even sing – it is not like your neighbors could come over to complain. Seriously, it may seem weird at first, especially if you have never done it before, but just taking out a blank piece of paper and starting to doodle on it can be a lifesaver when you are just spending days on days at home.

Not only does it give you a change of pace and something new to focus on, but it can also quickly become quite meaningful. And the best part: There is nobody around to judge you. Unless you feel like sharing, in which case you have the entire internet at your disposal, which will definitely be grateful for whatever you have to share. Who knows, maybe this stay at home order will help you find your new favorite hobby?

2. Grow as a couch potato. What is the one thing people cannot seem to get enough of? Exactly, series. Whether it is Netflix, Disney+ or good old television, these days humanity is lucky enough to never run out of content ever again. Not only will you be able to watch almost whatever you want for however long you want, but you are also not going to have to worry about running out of time when you are just hitting a super exciting point in the series and really want to continue with the next episode. Even if you stop finding things on TV or the traditional streaming services, there is even more content to binge on if you just go online and take a look around.

3. Socialize with your family. Now, social distancing is important, but that does not mean you have to avoid your housemates like the plague. If you live with your family, but even if you live with your roommate and they have not shown COVID-19 symptoms for fourteen days, then it is safe to say that they are not going to be positive for the virus. In this case, you might as well stave off insanity together. Even if you fancy yourself an introvert, engaging with other members of your species is still important, and in these tough times, you just have to take what you can get. A great thing to do with the people that share your place with you is board games. Because much better than video games or other stuff, board games tend to be quick and crispy and can offer infinite variety. Also, this time you are not going to run out of opportunities for rematches either.

4. Puzzle it out. If you want the board game experience but just are not in the mood to socialize with anyone else, doing a nice, challenging puzzle could be just the right thing for you. Normally, especially those massive puzzles can be an equally massive commitment. Well, now you got all the time in the world, so that panorama puzzle that has been gathering dust for years now? Go and do that!

With these four options, you must have found something that you can do during a stay at home order. Feel free to mix and match, and remember: If it feels weird but it works, then it is not weird!

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